Spreadable Media Artifact 1 – Results and Analysis

Artifact 1

Video parody – “My Name is Jeff”

My first artifact is a short scene from the movie “V for Vendetta”. The movie itself was produced by Virtual studios, Silver Pictures, Anarchos Productions, Studio Babelsberg, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, DC Comics and Warner Bros. I used this specific scene from the movie because in my case I was looking for a dialogue where one of the characters asks “Who are you?”

The idea behind this:

This year the movie “22 Jump Street” was released and from this feature film, there is one catch phrase from one of the characters that went viral on the internet. The catch phrase is when the main character is introducing himself to a gang of criminals with a funny voice. People started editing different movies in which the original dialogue can be replaced with this buzzword “My name is Jeff”.  These types of short edited videos can only work with the right material and the right time. At the current moment when I have created this short video the “My name is Jeff” thing was at its highest peak. Furthermore from what I learnt in class is that there are 6 high-arousal emotions which help in the making of content contagious. Personally I went for the “Joy” and “Surprise” emotions. Here is a list with all of the 6:

  1. Joy – anything that’s positively uplifting
  2. Surprise – go against expectations
  3. Anxiety – potentially losing out
  4. Awe – something remarkable
  5. Anger – Challenging someone’s beliefs

The Original

V for Vendetta – My Name is Jeff


From many discussions with my classmates and my lecturers I have come to the conclusion that well composed, thought out and well planned strategy on how to reach the audience/target market with the right material is a media that could be considered spredable. My target market for this short sequence was everyone who liked the movie “22 Jump Street” or anyone in general on the internet who was up for a giggle. My main goal was to spread this video as much as I could, that is why I used the following technique:  Uploading the video to only one website (in my case YouTube), then by creating multiple digital identities on different sites such as “Reddit”, “4Chan”, “9Gag”, “MemeCenter” and et cetera to promote my work. It is very important not to target everyone at the same time. This is why I first started with “MemeCenter” after 8 hours I have submitted it in “9Gag”. The next day I used the same technique with “4Chan”, “Reddit” and so on. On “Reddit” itself, I set upped different accounts for each “subreddid” that I was targeting. This is the so called term “reposting”, the only difference is that I am reposting the link to my video on YouTube through different accounts that I have personally created.


My parody video was uploaded on YouTube on the 9th of December, 2014, by today (15th of December,2014) the video has reached in total of 2,946 views. See Figure 1

Figure 1

Figure 1

In demographic terms the video got the most views from the United States, following by United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. For more detailed representation in the matter of percentage measurement (100% in total) please see Figure 2

Figure 2

Figure 2 – Demographics

As mentioned above, the strategy that I applied worked out as planned. The Top playback locations for my video are 80% from the YouTube watch-page and 20% from embedded players on other websites. See Figure 3

Figure 4

Figure 3 – Top Playback Locations

The relative audience retention is pretty stable in this case. From Figure 4 it can be seen that there is an increasing point where the catch phrase is. In addition,I have conduced from seeing the absolute audience retention that 76% of the people have watched the video till the end (see Figure 5) If we take into account how nowadays the average internet user is going through open “Internet Browser Tabs”, I think I succeeded in grabbing the viewer’s attention.

Figure 4 - Relative audience retention

Figure 4 – Relative audience retention

Figure 6

Figure 5 – Absolute audience retention

Concerning the playback devices on which the video was played showed obvious results.  Computer is the leading device following the tablet and the mobile phone. See Figure 6

Figure 3

Figure 6 – Playback Devices

In conclusion

Targeting the right audience at the right time is the key element that I used in regards to making my media spreadable. I have done my research on what is trending at the moment, found the right place to submit my media, created multiple digital identities which I used to promote my work on various websites and most importantly I enjoyed doing all of this.

Special thanks to the Reddit and 4Chan community for their contribution. Without a doubt the biggest view count surge of the video came from them.