Spreadable Media Artifact 3 – Results and Analysis

Artifact 3

Macro image – Meme

Second Attempt – Experiment


Identifying your target market at early stages will help you when creating your digital media by having a better understanding of your target demands and needs.

Being creative is equally important nowadays. Most of the people will spot straight away if your work is not an original content. Another thing that should be taken into account is that if your work has relevance to current affairs your work is one step closer to being labeled as spreadable (Viral).

In my second attempt at creating a Meme that it’s goal is to spread as much as possible I went for a slightly different one. In my opinion this is a more “mature” macro image which’s purpose is to give useful information that you can use in your life.



Actual Advice Mallard – Original

Advice Mallard

Actual Advice Mallard – My Attempt


Once again from the very beginning I have thought out completely the audiences that I will target. This time however I have decided to target only Reddit and Imgur just to see if there will be any difference in the spreadability between this Macro Image and my first Meme – The Philosoraptor. The Macro Image was created with the Meme Gen and then uploaded to Imgur. With my already existing digital identity on Reddit I have submitted it in only one subreddit – “r/AdviceAnimals” which has 4,252,150 users.


My attempt with the Actual Advice Mallard was uploaded on Imgur on the 15th of December,2014. 10 hours after submitting it, the image has reached a total of 1,842 views. See Figure 1

(in comparison with my first attempt, 10 hours after submission it managed to get 3,641 views).

Figure 1

Figure 1

Fewer “Likes”, “Comments” and “Favourites” can also be seen in contrast with the first Macro Image (the first Meme got 96 “Likes”, 24 “Comments”, 2 “Shares” and 7 people have marked it as favourite).

Figure 2 shows the distribution of the views from the creation of the Meme to the point when the picture was taken. (15th of December – 16th of December)

Figure 2

Figure 2

In conclusion

My little experiment showed that having multiple identities which are promoting your work will spread your media more efficiently than relying only on one source.

Spreadable Media Artifact 2 – Results and Analysis

Artifact 2

Macro image – Meme


Having catchy captions on a meme is not enough. Choosing the appropriate Meme and then applying those captions is what could possibly bring attention to your work.

First of all let me give you a short description on what the Macro Image that I have decided to work with represents.

Philosoraptor is an image macro series featuring a clip art of Velociraptor deeply immersed in metaphysical inquiries or unraveling quirky paradoxes. Philosoraptor challenges the reader with his deep, existential, Paleolithic questions.”



Philosoraptor – Original


Philosoraptor – My attempt


I had a clearly defined target audience even from the very beginning. The people I targeted were the ones that are visiting websites such as “Imgur”, “9Gag”, “MemeCenter”, “Memes” and “Reddit”. After having a clearly defined market I have created the Macro Image using Meme Generator and then uploaded it to an image hosting website (in my case – Imgur). Specifically for Reddit I managed to create two digital identities and post the same Meme in two different groups (subreddits). With my first account I targeted the /r/Funny (which has a total of 7,418,920 users) and with the other account /r/Memes (total of 44,891 users). It should be noted that both of the post were redirecting from Reddit to the same image on Imgur.


My Macro Image was uploaded on Imgur on the 15th of December,2014. 10 hours after submitting it, the image has reached a total of 3,641 views. See Figure 1

Figure 1

Figure 1

Furthermore on Imgur itself the Meme got 50 “upvotes” and 7 “downvotes”. 7 people have favourite it and 12 people have commented on it. From Figure 2 it can be seen how the views were distributed hourly from the creation of the Meme to the the point when the picture was taken. (15th of December – 16th of December).

Figure 2

Figure 2

As mentioned above Imgur was not the only website this meme was uploaded to. However, Meme Center and 9Gag have their own hosting service. The views that were generated on Imgur are not connected with the other websites.

On Meme Center the Macro Image got 11 “likes”, 2 Facebook shares and 8 people have commented on it. Unfortunately it can not be seen how the views were distributed so I can not include any more data. In addition it should be noted that, Meme Center and 9Gag are less populated communities than Reddit and Imgur and in my mind this is the reason why it did not spread effectively.

Figure 3

Figure 3

On 9Gag the Meme managed to get “34 points” (upvotes) and 2 people commented on it. See Figure 4

Figure 3

Figure 4

On the macro image got the least attention. Only 30 views and 1 like. See Figure 5

Figure 5

Figure 5

In conclusion 

Total amount of views (Imgur only) – 3,641

Total amount of likes – 96

Total amount of comments – 24

Total amount of favourites – 7

Total amount of shares – 2

With this Artifact I was relying on two vital elements – Originality and Remixes. This particular Meme is not something that is trending at the moment,on top of that there are thousands of Philosoraptor Macro Images out there, but it should be considered that well executed remixes of well known works can attract and even exceed the attention of the original work.

Spreadable Media Artifact 1 – Results and Analysis

Artifact 1

Video parody – “My Name is Jeff”

My first artifact is a short scene from the movie “V for Vendetta”. The movie itself was produced by Virtual studios, Silver Pictures, Anarchos Productions, Studio Babelsberg, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, DC Comics and Warner Bros. I used this specific scene from the movie because in my case I was looking for a dialogue where one of the characters asks “Who are you?”

The idea behind this:

This year the movie “22 Jump Street” was released and from this feature film, there is one catch phrase from one of the characters that went viral on the internet. The catch phrase is when the main character is introducing himself to a gang of criminals with a funny voice. People started editing different movies in which the original dialogue can be replaced with this buzzword “My name is Jeff”.  These types of short edited videos can only work with the right material and the right time. At the current moment when I have created this short video the “My name is Jeff” thing was at its highest peak. Furthermore from what I learnt in class is that there are 6 high-arousal emotions which help in the making of content contagious. Personally I went for the “Joy” and “Surprise” emotions. Here is a list with all of the 6:

  1. Joy – anything that’s positively uplifting
  2. Surprise – go against expectations
  3. Anxiety – potentially losing out
  4. Awe – something remarkable
  5. Anger – Challenging someone’s beliefs

The Original

V for Vendetta – My Name is Jeff


From many discussions with my classmates and my lecturers I have come to the conclusion that well composed, thought out and well planned strategy on how to reach the audience/target market with the right material is a media that could be considered spredable. My target market for this short sequence was everyone who liked the movie “22 Jump Street” or anyone in general on the internet who was up for a giggle. My main goal was to spread this video as much as I could, that is why I used the following technique:  Uploading the video to only one website (in my case YouTube), then by creating multiple digital identities on different sites such as “Reddit”, “4Chan”, “9Gag”, “MemeCenter” and et cetera to promote my work. It is very important not to target everyone at the same time. This is why I first started with “MemeCenter” after 8 hours I have submitted it in “9Gag”. The next day I used the same technique with “4Chan”, “Reddit” and so on. On “Reddit” itself, I set upped different accounts for each “subreddid” that I was targeting. This is the so called term “reposting”, the only difference is that I am reposting the link to my video on YouTube through different accounts that I have personally created.


My parody video was uploaded on YouTube on the 9th of December, 2014, by today (15th of December,2014) the video has reached in total of 2,946 views. See Figure 1

Figure 1

Figure 1

In demographic terms the video got the most views from the United States, following by United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. For more detailed representation in the matter of percentage measurement (100% in total) please see Figure 2

Figure 2

Figure 2 – Demographics

As mentioned above, the strategy that I applied worked out as planned. The Top playback locations for my video are 80% from the YouTube watch-page and 20% from embedded players on other websites. See Figure 3

Figure 4

Figure 3 – Top Playback Locations

The relative audience retention is pretty stable in this case. From Figure 4 it can be seen that there is an increasing point where the catch phrase is. In addition,I have conduced from seeing the absolute audience retention that 76% of the people have watched the video till the end (see Figure 5) If we take into account how nowadays the average internet user is going through open “Internet Browser Tabs”, I think I succeeded in grabbing the viewer’s attention.

Figure 4 - Relative audience retention

Figure 4 – Relative audience retention

Figure 6

Figure 5 – Absolute audience retention

Concerning the playback devices on which the video was played showed obvious results.  Computer is the leading device following the tablet and the mobile phone. See Figure 6

Figure 3

Figure 6 – Playback Devices

In conclusion

Targeting the right audience at the right time is the key element that I used in regards to making my media spreadable. I have done my research on what is trending at the moment, found the right place to submit my media, created multiple digital identities which I used to promote my work on various websites and most importantly I enjoyed doing all of this.

Special thanks to the Reddit and 4Chan community for their contribution. Without a doubt the biggest view count surge of the video came from them.

How a cat can be an absolute money making MACHINE.

This cat.



This cat was on every big social network website, literally on every big social network. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin you name it, it was there. I remember there was a period of time when whenever I log into my Facebook account I see at least one post about “Grumpy Cat” on my news feed.

Have you ever wondered though, how did that cat became the internet celebrity that is today?

Well, the Grumpy Cat’s popularity originated from a picture posted to the social news website “Reddit” by Bundesen’s  brother Bryan (the cat’s owner is Tabatha Bundesen) on September 22,2012. Afterwards the picture was transformed into a image macro (or the so called “Memes”) with grumpy captions. This is one of my favourites and it suits perfectly this time of the year.



As of today, “The Offical Grumpy Cat” on Facebook has over 7 million “likes”, on top of that the cat was featured on the front page, I repeat the front page of The Wall Street Journal on May 30, 2013 and on the cover of New York magazine on October 7,2013.

Now, lets cut the chase and get into some numbers.

Over the past two years, this cat has made approximately £64 million for its owner (yes, Bundesen have quit her job as a waitress and now manages her pet’s career full-time, with the help of Ben Lashes, a dedicated internet “cat agent”. Let me put it into perspective. This fluffy creature has made more money in the past two years than Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo. On top of that “Grumpy Cat” already racked up a Christmas film, has her own coffee named “Grumpuccino” and a book.

The internet is weird sometimes.

More good stuff from Reddit!

Good news! Reddit has just announced “Reddit Made”, which is their equivalent of “Kickstarter”.

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 19.34.22

Now all of you product innovators can promote your products and ask for sponsorship with no upfront costs or risk. Basically you can promote almost anything, from unique T-shirt designs to some really oddly shaped mugs. Once you publish your innovation on Reddit Made you will have 30 days to get the desired amount of money you need to go into production mode (and again, this is completely free). If enough people pledge to buy your product then Reddit will walk you through every step of the process and will connect you to their network of quality sourcing partners. From there on if you have any profits you get to keep all of the money you have generated from your product. Moreover you will have the option to donate your profits to any organisation, charity, event, or individual so you can support other redditors or causes that matters most to you. A secure way to rise funds will be provided from Reddit and to pledge your payment will be as easy as pie. However you will not be charged a penny until the product reaches its goal. In the cases when the product you funded doesn’t reaches its goal you will not have to worry about your money because you will not be charged a single penny. Another thing that I really liked is that the campaign creators will not have access to any of your personal information, ever!

Right now Reddit Made is in open beta stage, so people who have any ideas for improvements, can contact Reddit using this form that can be found here.

If you want to create a campaign you can do it from here or if you want to browse the current active campaigns, you can find them here.

Reddit Made

Why you need to participate in pub/sub networks as both a publisher and a subscriber?

6. Participate in pub/sub networks as both a publisher and a subscriber

Our everyday calendar programs are, in blog parlance, both feed publishers and feed readers. Individuals and organizations can publish their own feeds to the web of calendar data while at the same time subscribing to others’ feeds. On a larger scale, an elmcity hub subscribes to a set of feeds, and in turn publishes a feed to which other individuals (or hubs) can subscribe.


The blog ecosystem is the best example of pub/sub syndication among heterogeneous endpoints through intermediary services. Similar effects can happen in social media, and they happen in ways that people find easier to understand, but they happen within silos: Facebook, Twitter. Web thinkers know that standard protocols and formats enable syndication that crosses silos and supports the most open kinds of collaboration.

(source – Jonudell’s blog)


This is Reddit. A community driven website where people participate in sub networks, both as publishers (or the so called OP’s – original posters) and subscribers.

Think of Reddit this way: If Google is where you go to search for things, then Reddit is where you go to see what people have found. Reddit is not just one list of stuff: this webpage is a beautiful fractal with sections so called “subreddits”. For instance if you are interested in movies, music, games, sports or anything really, there are subreddits that will list only stuff regarding those things. Trust me when I say that there even will be subreddits for your weirdest thoughts.

The good thing about this sweet,sweet website is that it is not featuring only the stuff that is trending at the moment. Lets say it this way… You really liked a cartoon that you used to watch as a kid, on Reddit there will be a subreddit for that specific cartoon and people will be discussing the episodes, sharing different links regarding the cartoon, interviews or they will just express how nostalgic they feel about it. In addition on the off chance you’re interested in something that doesn’t yet exist, just press a button and voilà – a new subreddit has been brought to life.

Create your own subreddit

The new subreddit is born, now what? You don’t have any subscribers? Let me tell you what to do in order to get more subscribers. Don’t do anything… at all. If your subreddit is labeled correctly, by which I mean to have a memorable name or to be something easy to remember and descriptive of the community’s topic of choice, then the people who tend to share the same interests will find your subreddit (and hopefully subscribe!) On a side note remember that your subreddit’s name can be as long or as short as you like, however, as a unwritten rule of the internet, shorter is usually better. Let me give you an example: I am a student in a UK based university, I can check in Reddit if my university has its own “subreddit” and if it doesn’t I can create one. Fellow students or even lecturers in that particular university probably will have interest into subscribing to the group in order to get updates when a new feed is generated. Lecturers, students, graduates or even the general public will be able to share things in that group, which will induce as a feed and all of the subscribers will be able to see what someone has found on the web.

(Right now I am creating the subreddit for my university).

Voilà, a subreddit for the University of Salford has been created.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 14.44.40

University of Salford’s subreddit – link

From my previous experience on Reddit I have seen couple of “redditors” (a Reddit’s member) who have submitted their short animated sequences into a subreddit, that is purposely for that matter (referenced subreddit) and be noticed from another redditor, who happens to be employee or employer in a digital studio that creates animations. On a few occasions people have been offered a position within a company just because some stranger saw your work by mistake (or intentionally) that you have submitted into a web page. No job hunting, no sleepless nights spent into looking for new positions within companies that you have targeted, no disappointments. Yes, yes I know! Not everyone will have that luck but what I mean is that if you have something really good to show, have the patience and last but not least a grain of luck… well, you might be the next lucky one.

If you have never heard of Reddit before, I’d suggest this article (Reddit 101: A beginner’s guide to the front page of the internet by Digital Trends – link). Follow the guide and in no time it will get you up and running.

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what your interest are: video, audio, politics, sports, medicine or whatever, you can always benefit from Reddit. If you are a producer lets say and you need vocals just head up to the subreddit that is just for vocal artists and maybe you might find the right vocals for your track. Same goes for the people who write story scripts. If you don’t have the budget, well maybe you can go to the subreddit where the filmmakers are and collaborate with someone from there.

Now why don’t you try it yourself?